Mollem National Forest, Karnataka

(Almost every picture in this gallery were captured by us. Except one of the brilliant one in this album)


  1. Viewpoints of the Mollem National Forest
  2. Rail trek
  3. Forest trek

1. Viewpoints of the Mollem National Forest:

Dense Mollem forest captured from the train. Doesn’t it look daemonic. One of my friend said this looks like a bunch of broccoli :p

(PC: Myself..Don’t curse me for a not so good photograph…I know right !!)


Foggy forest along the western ghats. You will definitely get a goosebumps upon seeing the view from the rocky parapet.

(PC: You are right again :p, Myself)


Viewpoint of the forest captured from the parapet wall on one side of the rail track.

(PC: Somehow gathered courage to do this, Myself)


View from the other-side of the rail trek. This image is captured as the train passes through the 10th tunnel near Caranzol station

(PC: A brilliant one right…Krishna S, One of our trekmate)


2. Rail trek:

A breezy and a beautiful ]noon at the Kulem railway station. The gentle drizzle of rain did the magic for this climate. This weather will make any one to go insanely crazy for this place. It is from this place the trek actually starts. From this station, one has to trek through rail tracks for around 5 km (Yup, we have to walk on the stones and pebbles filled tough tracks with your backpack burdening your shoulders)

 (PC: Who else it would be other than Fadhil. Our trek mate and an unofficial photographer)


This is just when we began trekking through the rail tracks. The towering of trees on either side of the railway track adds beauty to this place as well as excitement to begin the journey.

(PC: This moment was captured by Santy Aka Santhana Krishnan)


When men may come and men may go, But you keep going on for the next five odd km to get in to the forest.

(PC: Ozzy bhai)


The beauty and the brilliance of the Konkan railways is evidently captured in this picture. The view of the tunnel during our forest trek. One has to carefully cross this one. Please !! Cross it without doing any notorious or naughty stunts. No doubt that it will be be dusky and completely dark as you enter the tunnel. Don’t freak out. Just check for the signals before crossing this.

(PC: This is the only image that was not not captured by us, One would not take pics during the tiring trek when you have a steep fall on one side and dense forest on the other-side with no idea whether the arrival of train on which side).


Rail track covered by vibrant trees on a rainy day in a foggy weather is just a rare priceless condition that one can wish for.

(PC: Fadhil)


3. Forest trek:

After the completion of railway trek, We just get in to the forest. Trek through the forest is comparatively moderate than the rail trek.


In to the forest completely. (PC: Ozzy, I guess). One would come across the first running water stream as you trek through forest for around five odd km.


We encounter this first running stream of water (Out of the five stream).Looking wonderful isn’t it !!

(PC: Abhijith Haridas, The i-phone dude).


One can encounter some up and downhills after crossing the first stream of water. This path will lead us to the second stream of water.

(PC: Ozzy, I guess)


This running stream has a moderate pressure and a three feet depth with sharp pebbles swirling with the water at the bottom of the bed.

(PC: Stunning photographs are captured in i-phones, Abhijith Haridas)


Third stream of water. Filled with huge rocks and stones that induces the turbulence to the flow of water. Though it reduces the water pressure at one side, it enhances on the other side by Bernoulli’s principle. Higher water pressure than the before one, even though the depth is lesser.

(PC: Santy)


Fourth stream of water. The trek is an unusual combination of running water streams and forest. These water streams divides the forest into bits and fragments.

(PC: Abhijith Haridas)


Fifth stream of water. The path and surface becomes extremely slippery as you progress through every stream of water. The pressure of the water gets increasing as we pass by. (PC: Fadhil)


This is the viewpoint on the other side of the fifth stream of water.

(PC: Santy)


Slippery max and great pressure. Must be careful while passing by.


Finally, you reach the other part of the waterfalls. This the place to sit down, relax and chill out after a tiring five hour trek.

(PC: Abhijith)


View of Dudhsagar from the Mollem Forest. (PC: Fadhil)


Thank you so much for reading. Have fun.

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