1. Tourist attractions in Abroad (Outside India)
  2. Tourist places in India

This is a generic post that gives you the panoramic view point of travel and tourist spots in India. We will look at the ecstatic elegance of Indian tourist spots over the foreign tourist places that are widely spread across the globe. Let’s directly hit the the scenic beauties in Abroad and India through a photo gallery.

1. Tourist spots in Abroad

Exciting and the most admired tourist places, all located across different countries in the globe.

In this image column 1 from the top first:

1. Swiss alps (Switzerland)

2. Rogaland Fylke (Norway)

3. Copenhagen City (Denmark)

4. Eiffel Tower (Paris)



I know, I have almost missed most of the attractive spots in abroad. But the point is, we have an equivalent magnificence in our country too. Let us look at the attractive beauty in India.

2. Tourists places in India

Enthralling, scintillating and enchanting places, all located in the same country within India.


In this image from the top left (In clockwise direction):

1. Alleppey. It is well known for their back waters and paddy fields. Located in Kerala. Rehman’s magic and the most romantic scenes between trisha and simbu of VTV/Ek Diwana Tha was shot here.


2. Kullu Manali. This place is remarkable for Skiing and Ice skating. These are considered considered to be one of the best recreational stress buster winter sport. This celebrated place is located in Himachal Pradesh.


3. Highest point of Kodaikanal. This is the best place to chill out with the family. Many South Indian movies like Guna, Micheal Madana Kamarajan was shot here !!. Located in Tamilnadu.


4. Pangong Lake. Don’t you fall for this place ? This place will attract anyone to stay there for a while. You feel like keeping away all the worries and problems in your life upon visiting this place. Located in Ladakh. Looks like you have seen this place somewhere right ?! Yeah you are right…You have seen this place in 3 idiots climax.


5. Kankaria Lake. It is famous for its lazer and fire crackers show. Generally starts at the beginning of the sunset and finishes at the dusk. Situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.


6. Himalayas. One of the must visit place and go for a trek to roopkund, kedharkund once in our lifetime. Yes, A part of Roja and many other movies was shot here.


7. Jal Mahal. If you cannot afford for Eiffel tower then never worry when you have Jal Mahal. I know both are incomparable but, If you wanna go on a romantic date or a proposal or hangout with your fiancee then this is the place for you. Especially on a full moon night, one need not to put efforts to impress her better half…Your better half will fall for you. We can view this as one of the most romantic tourist spots in India.


Jal Mahal (Water Palace).  Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

8. Taj Mahal. This is an historical monument and still in a confusion how this places has missed to be considered for the 7 wonders of the world. Full moon night, Boating on the banks of Yamuna what not. It is a separate package by itself. I would like to share an article that was shared with me by one of my friend Mridhula on” Facts about Taj Mahal“. Located in Agra).


9. Dal Lake. Such Beauty and Much Wow to this place. You will definitely fall in love with this place. Be it any time living in a “Lake view resort” is simply a delighted moment in everyone’s moment of life.


Though the title means tourist spots in India, but I would like to bring a comprehensive view of the unknown and less commonly appraised beauty of India compared to other countries to the limelight. In this way, I am inscribing the comparison between the foreign and Indian tourist spots. Of course, It is a universal acceptance that foreign tourist spots are brilliant in their own ways. But, we have to accept that we are no less than any of the other foreign tourists spots. There are equally and much better travel and tourists spots in India. So, I will be mainly focusing on the broad and wide spectrum of tourist spots in India. We just lag behind the other foreign places due to our climate being hot, hotter and hottest. What to do ?! We cannot change our location. Can we ?! Though, I did not travel to any of the tourist attractions in abroad (Yeah…I know right…I am that unlucky grad student from Chennai…No worries will eventually go for an Europe trip with in the next couple of years for sure…Marking it with a humble sturdiness…!!). But, I am lucky enough to get fascinated by most alluring and spectacular tourists spots that marks the “Magnificence of beauty in the lap of nature” and also located across various states in India. I am sure, India has some of the best tourist places that can compete with the world countries. So, let us start from here and slowly move to the other countries. There will be a separate post that will handle the pros and cons between the foreign and Indian tourist spots.

The cover picture of this post is an Island beach resort in Andaman. Thank you so much for reading. Have fun.

Smiling strengthens your immune system.

So, Keep smiling 🙂 

“One spot at a time”