Food spots in Chennai:

I am a great foodie too. Apart from travelling, I would also like to make some posts on numerous restaurants (South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Russian, Chinese, Tibetan, European and Jain food spots) located in Chennai. This can be viewed as one of the best hangout spots with family, friends, colleagues, buddies and beloved better-halves. If your partner in crime (I hope you can understand the sophistication of this word…ahem ahem :p) is a foodie then please do some research before taking “him/her” (At least now, you should have got my intentions) to any food spots based on their mood and mood swings. I believe that “Food has the power of working out the chemistry between you couple” (For this to happen both has to be a foodie). These are going to be the memories of your lifetime.

I would be beginning with food spots in Chennai and then slowly moving ahead to write on food spots in Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Cuddlore, Chidambaram, Karaikal, Salem,  Thanjavur, Trichy, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Ahmedabad, Udipi and Manipal (First of all, I am not in a sales and marketing job :p I have lived and been to all these places at least for a couple of weeks to a maximum of couple of years. So, the posts will be uploaded and shared based on my experience on different restaurants in these places. I know Zomato gives all these information…But, who has patience to read a twenty page menu card of Bombay Brasserie/Kaidhi Kitchen).


1. Rajdhani Restaurant. Famous for their mouth watering North Indian Thali. Delhi Highway, The Bay Leaf in Nungambakkam, Hotel Mathura in mount road, Sangeetha in Adyar are the few other notable ones for  North Indian thali.


2. New yorker, Nungambakkam. This is the only restaurant that serves white cheese pasta with cheese corn balls. Definitely they are lesser known for their most delicious White cheese pasta, Pretty expensive too. It is famous for their Italian diushes !!


3. Thattu Idli Kadai. This spot holds a monopoly in Chennai for thattu idli of size 20 cm diameter and 5 cm thickness. Usually crowded and stand alone eatery is the best budget spot even after getting broke during the month end, Kilpauk. They are well known for their South Indian Tiffins of-course their thattu idli, ghee podi dosa, cheese capsicum dosa etc.


4. Wow momo. Much Wow to their momo’s varieties. Especially their corn cheese momos, corn spring onion momos stands out on the limelight. It is due to their varieties Wangs kitchen was pushed to the second spot for Tibetan food.  Located in Vadapalani, Velacherry. This is predominantly a Tibetan food spot.


5. Chokhi Dhani. Best themed restaurant. Camel and Horse Safaris, Boating, Dance, Music, Magic, Games, Astrology, Oil Massage, Village Arts and What not…This restaurant is a replica of the Rajasthani environment radiating their culture, tradition and ethnicity. You just need dozens of friends or family members to visit this place in Poonamalle.


6. Fusilli Reasons. They literally hold a Monopoly for their herbed pasta and beet mayo garlic bread. This place serves the best Herbed and Red cheese pasta like the New yorker is known for best white cheese pasta. The beet mayo garlic bread would compete any garlic bread from the other competitors. Oopsie…I have already started missing this place :p. This one is always within the budget and more close to my heart :p. Economical to visit even when you are broke (Out of cash :p) at the end of any month. This place is located just opposite to Thattu Idli Kadai, Kilpauk. That “Kanna rendu laddu thinna aasaya” moment (Thattu idli + Fussilli pasta”). Well known for their Italian dishes.


7. Cream Centre, Nungambakkam. Be it American cheese corn balls or Pastas or Italian/Mexican/Brownie Sizzlers, They are one of the best according to me. But their prices are insanely expensive (Like you might need to sell your bike to give a treat over there :p). For pastas, Fussilli’s economics wins over Cream Centre’s expensiveness. Famous for their Italian, Mexican and Jain food items.


8. Mami’s tiffin stall. Mylapore, You just visit this place to experience the taste of typical South Indian dishes. If you are completely broke by the end of the month or fully energetic after a morning jog or a looking for a refreshment after seeing the morning sunrise then this is the place for you. Their ghee pongal, spicy ghee podi dosa and vibrant filter coffee will definitely bring the tears of joy with divinity in any of the tambrahms face). They are equally known for their variety rice like Puliyogare, Tomato rice, Bisi-bella bath, Vanghi bath, Sambhar rice, utterly butterly Curd rice etc etc that forms their menu for lunch. Well known for their South Indian food.


9. Annalakshmi, Egmore. They serve one of the best thali in the city. Their buffet serves a broad and wide varieties of North and South Indian food items. Very few restaurants are famous for both their buffet and fine dining. This is one among them. Famous for their North & South Indian food.


This list is just a randomized one. There are much more restaurants that jumps out for their taste, uniqueness, and food items. The following posts on restaurants in Chennai will be bifurcated based on the following categories budgeted ones, Punjabi, North-Indian, South-Indian, Italian, Mexican etc etc. The multi-cuisines will be segmented based on their taste, ambiance, service and their expenses.


I would like to extend my gratitude to my friends and buddies who have shared an amazing memories with me in different restaurants. It is with these people, I have shared my time and energy in discussing about the specialties of these restaurants.

Colleagues – Aditi, Akash, Babita, Durga, Krishnaveni, Krishna, Roshan, Dinesh, Eashwar, Dipin, Jason, Sundari, Anil and Avinash (We have been to Zaitoon, Jalpan, Pind, Chokhi Dhani, Bombay Halwa House, Noodle Bar, Sphagetti Kitchen, Kobe Sizzlers etc etc).

Insti. mates – Sreeja, Sudharsan, Sushil, Samarth, Garima, Anupam, Sreeja, Payal, Akash and Sudharsan (The most creative ideas for celebrations and food spots originate here)

School buddies – Mridhula and Divya (They are one of the best for any of the Event Management)

The cover picture of this post is from “The Bay Leaf” located in Gopalapuram

Thank you for reading. Have fun.

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