1. About Dudhsagar falls
  2. How to reach there from Chennai
  3. Travel Info and details
  4. Trekking
  5. Things to remember
  6. Smart travel plan
  7. Note

1. Dudhsagar Falls:

The most scenic and breathtaking Dudhsagar is located in the Mollem National Park along the Western Ghats. It is one of the tallest falls in India with an average height and width of 310 m and 30 m. This is one of the reason people call it a daemonic and monstrous falls. It is situated on the Mandovi river on the boarder of Karnataka.

2. How to reach Dudhsagar from Chennai:

  1. Rail route: We have only one train on a weekly basis to reach this place from Chennai. VASCO Express is that only train that starts on every Friday at 13:30 Hrs that travels from Chennai Central to Vasco Da Gama via Yesvantpur Jn, Davangere, Hubballi Jn and Madgaon.
  2. Alternate route: You can always take an AIRAVAT KSRTC bus that leaves from CMBT(Koyembedu Bus Terminus) to Hubbali. From there, we have Hubbali Vasco Link Express at 23:30 Hrs on a daily basis.

3. Travel Information & Details:

You can board the VASCO Express at 13:30 Hrs on any Friday from Chennai Central. Remember to have a double deck of playing cards, UNO cards, and a dozens of friends (This is a place that has to be visited with a big group of friends to make this trip a most memorable one. Of course lonely travelers are always there :p). Antakshari would be a killer to eat up a couple of hours in the evening breezy and chilled weather once the train crosses the Karnataka border (Of course, we tend to disturb the fellow passengers through our atrocities.Sorry, We can’t help it :p and We are good at it). Then you doze off in the night to wake up in the face of green paddy fields in the beautiful weather of Hubbali to have a hot steaming coffee (At 6:30 AM). You better charge your phone, parcel some food and update your status to your friends, relatives, beloved ones and parents in the mean time. This is the one that will keep you engaged for the next 2 solid hours till you reach the Castle Rock At 9.30 Hrs). There will be no network connectivity from castle rock station (People who would like to announce their status and updates to the entire world through social media…This might probably be the best and the last chance for that day, If your destiny is dudhsagar).

Castlerock railway station (Source: thebetterindia.com, because our images will never match in front of this brilliant snapshot)


At this place, one can spontaneously observe a sharp drop in temperature to less than 20 oC. Sometimes, the temperature can reach as low as, below 10 oC (Again, the variation in temperature and climatic conditions are subjected to the periodicity of the seasons). After reaching this place, you make sure to get on the window seats on either side of the compartment (Just to enjoy the Mollem National Forest). I am pretty sure, the celebration mood will start as the train passes through every tunnel on its way. You can see people screaming, shouting and yelling out of excitement as the train passes through fifteen odd tunnels that manifest the beauty of the Konkan Railways. Approximately 45 minutes from the CASTLEROCK, the train will pass though the Dudhsagar railway station (At 10:20 Hrs). If you have imagined the station to be an equivalent to Chennai or Mumbai central then you are going to get a goosebumps on witnessing it. The train would not stop at this station. This has taken out one of the easiest possibility of visiting this falls (It’s okay…Easiest possibilities does not yield fun, thrill and adventure for sure).

Clockwise from the top left: 1. One of the fourteen tunnels along the Konkan railways with a mono rail track near Dudhsagar waterfalls,  2. Tunnel no.2 welcomes you to the Konkan region, 3. Dudhsagar waterfalls ahead board, 4. Dudhsagar railway station


This is the time to witness the excited and amused faces of people yelling and shouting in excitement as the train passes through every tunnels. As the train passes through the tenth tunnel one can see the daemonic waterfalls through the left-side doors and windows of your train. It would be always better to stand on board of the long rail ladder to watch this enthralling epitome of beauty, because the train would not stop at this place. But you can definitely have a hearth throbbing moment on seeing the humongous gigantic Dudhsagar for a couple of seconds as the train passes by it. It just freezes and mesmerizes the viewers for a couple of seconds.

Clockwise from the top left: 1&2. Train while passing the tunnel no. 1o at which the waterfalls is located, 3. Suspense is awaiting on the other end of the tunnel. This is the picture of the waterfalls that you can view on your left side of your windows and doors (Krishna S , one of our trek mate), 4. Full view of Dudhsagar.


After this scenic view, one just remains in a calm and composed state of attaining the eternal peace and bliss. But, there will always be a perturbation to one’s peace of mind. It’s the time for everyone to pack their luggage, gear up with your shoes, to get ready to get down at the Kulem station (At 11:30 Hrs). Let us dive into the trekking experience through Mollem National Forest.

4. Trekking:

Rail trek from Kulem station:

The local tour guide will escort us through the trek (Contact us for the details). We will start from Kulem station, then travel along the rail track for 5 km. During this rail trek (Trekking along the railway tracks is called rail trek :p) the nature will begin to mesmerize anyone and everyone. It will definitely put a smile and curiosity even on the grumpiest of the visitors. On either side of the rails will be covered with dense trees of the Mollem National Forest. As we walk through the rails on either side of the forest, one can notice several small streams of water rippling down through the forest. The continuous low humming sound is the nature singing lullaby to the visitors. We can expect goods and express locomotives passing on this railway track once or twice in an hour. The passengers waving hands to the travelers is one of a joyous and happy moments during this trek. This can also be one of the crazy moments for selfie addicts. (Selfie freaks…Please don’t fall on the train while taking selfies…Act matured :p !!)

Clockwise from the top left: 1. Kulem Railway station Exit, 2&3. Rail trek (Trek through the railway trak), 4. Forest trek (Trek through the Mollem National Forest).


Forest trek:

After reaching an approximate 5 km distance through rails, we sneak into the “Mollem National Forest” on the left side of your rail track. The dense forest covered with tall and age old trees radiate its charm with their greenish emission distributed completely over the space. The path through the forest will be a combination of moderate uphills and downhills with hairpin bent curves. The path is generally a combination of damp, wet and water logged. So, better walk with the shoes in order to protect you from the insects, flies and leeches (Yeah !! Need not worry about these issues…Difficulties are always necessary to enjoy success…Forgive me for too much of philosophy though :p). It is from these curves we can see the panoramic view of this wild and dense forest. I can promise you that “Bear Grylls (Man Vs Wild Actor)” within us will definitely hop out from our inner conscience. During this 12 km trek, one need to cross 5 to 6 running water streams encompassed with huge and irregular rocks, pebbles and stones that bifurcates the forest in to multiple bits and fragments. Crossing these running water streams would be one of the blissful and enthralling experience during the trek. Definitely, the cold and breezy climate will bring out the inner voices from us.

These are the images of Mollem Forest and some of the running stream of water that have been encountered during our Forest Trek.


Many more running water streams that were encountered during our trek through Mollem Forest.


Classic viewpoint of the waterfalls after a rail and forest trek.


5. Things to remember:

Hire a local tour guide, Jerkin, Mobile safety cover, Cloth bags, Polythene bags, Trekking shoes, Pair of floaters, Pepper spray, Lighter, Mustard oil, Candles, Glucose, Biscuits, Salt tablet, Water bottle. You can carry extras anything and everything based on your needs and wants. But remember you need to carry up and downhills for around 20 to 30 kilometers. If you are over ambitious, you can chill out in Goa after your trek. Since, Goa is not so far. It is located only 50 km from the Kulem railway station. Have fun. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Your feedback, comments and criticisms are most welcome to improve the standards of the post.

6. Smart Travel Plan:

Chennai  Central -> Kulem

Start point: Chennai Central, Time: 13:30 Hrs, Fridays only

Train: VASCO Express (VASCO from Chennai Central at 13.30 Hrs on every Friday)

After Castle rock, Enjoy the beauty of travelling through the tunnels of Konkan railways with the enchanting epitome of Dudhsagar’s beauty.

Destiny: Kulem Station, Time: 11:30 Hrs on the following day, Saturday in this case

Get down at Kulem and start walking (You require a travel guide from here). From this point one has to trek for 5 km on railway track and the remaining 10 km through the dense Mollem National Forest.

Kulem station and scenic view of Konkan railways (Fadhil & Santi)


“When you walk through this dense forest (similar to tropical rain-forest) getting drenched with the jet of downpour in a cold and beautiful climate with the cloud of fog covering up to the altitude will definitely make anyone to fall for the “Beauty of nature” (Quotations inside quotations…Woah !! Unintentional…Self pun :p). Even the bossy character will fall for this scintillating and enchanting beauty of this waterfalls”.

7. Note:

  1. If you are not that fond of trekking, One can take a Jeep or bike from Goa to visit this waterfalls.
  2. This trek will be banned during the rainy season. So take care of that issues (Seriously !! Why do you ban this trek on the most beautiful season to visit this place…). During this tenure, one will get caught only on two occasions. First, While getting down at Kulem to visit the Dudhsagar. This will ruin your plan completely, Then the only option left over is to visit Goa. Second, While coming back to Kulem after visiting Dudhsagar. In this case, The punishment for breaching the rule would be either or the combination of Rs. 500 fine and six months prison (Don’t be dramatic while reading this please !!). This part is fun (:p ;D Smart people will understand without any explanations).
  3. No network connectivity, No electricity, No disturbances and troubles. This will bring the best creatives within us (Believe it !!).
  4. Duration of trek: Rail trek (roughly 2.0 hours for 5 km), Forest trek (roughly 2.5 hours for 10 km), waterfalls (2.0 hours). Overall time for the trek will be 10 hours.
  5. After coming back, one can arrange a taxi or take a train from Kulem station to reach Goa that night. The second alternate would be stay there at Kulem station that night, then the next day you can travel to one more waterfalls located 7 km from Kulem.
  6. Rough cost estimation will be around Rs. 3500 per person. (This includes up and down train tickets, food for 3 days (of course light food), tour guide expenses).
  7. If not Goa, comeback to Bangalore and put a trip there too :p. But, put a leave on Monday on that case.

Thank you for your patience and time.

Always start your day with a tinge of smile on your face 🙂

Keep smiling 🙂 and Have fun !!