What do you do in your free time ?


Let us start this post by stating a very famous quotation that has appeared first in the James Howell’s proverb in English, French, Spanish and Italian[Source: Wikipedia]. He says that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. It means that “no time off from work” makes a person bored and boring. So, It is always nice to take a break from work and should possibly invest some time in your leisure activities. This can rejuvenate his mind from the monotonic work life. (Isn’t it nice to take a temporary break from your commanding and demanding boss, deadlines, assignments, work stress, peer-pressure, family tension, worries,  etc. etc. Oooopsie…Pressure just overshoots when these train of thoughts runs over our mind at once 😀 :D). Let’s directly hit the spot by discussing the types of leisure activities.

  1. One hobby to make money (“If you are good at something then don’t do it for free”. Do some introspection to find out your likes, dislikes and interests. People say follow your heart bla bla bla all sentimental stuffs which, I don’t believe :D).
  2. Second to keep you physically fit and in a good shape (Healthy and fit physique will improve the flow of blood and oxygen through out the body. This improves your ability to keep your mind fresh which in turn enhances your concentration and focus on whatever you do. This improves your emotional quotient and enhances the productivity along with a good personality).
  3. Third to improve your mental ability through creatives (Reading, Writing, Music, Dance, Fine arts, Cultural contents, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities).

There are broad spectrum of leisure activities in which most of the people spend their time to distress their mind. Some of the most wonderful stress relieving activities are:

pizap-com14845799138344In this image (As per the matrix entities across the rows starting from the first):

  • Reading (Bibliophile) – Books, Novels, Articles, Plays, Newspapers, Puzzles, Memes to the least extent and any form of printed information.


  • Writing – Short stories, Plays, Poems, Jokes, Creative contents, Cheesy one and two liners for your beloved ones also finds a place here.


  •  Music – Singing, playing & learning musical instruments, listening to different genres of music or by simply following movie songs, Dance, Fine arts, Theatrics and other artistic activities will fall in this category.


  • Socializing – Spending time with family is the first and foremost thing at this stress filled life. Then as usual interacting about current affairs with your neighbors, shopping with best buddies, Girls day out, Movies, Jam sessions, Games, ad-zap, Sports and Movie feeds and Gossiping about various issues that eventually results in the exchange of information and ideas.


  • Physical fitness – Jogging, Running, Bowling, Skiing, Ice-Skating, Gymnasium, Cricket, Football, Swimming, Fishing, Canoeing, Walking, Yoga, Aerobics, Dance and any kind of sports and outdoor activities will do. Don’t ask me where is the time for all these things. In that case, I am sorry.


  • Games – Chess, Carom, Playing Cards, Uno, Trading, Monopoly, Gaming etc etc Yeah, I know if you are reading this you will be in your blue moon childhood days.


  • Travelling, Touring, Trekking and Hiking – It is a pleasure to see the people getting excited for tours and travel after the impact created by certain movies like The Darjeeling Limited, On The Road, Motorcycle Diaries, The bucket List, recent GVM’s AYM movie too :p (pun intended).


  • Long drive – Mostly people wander from place to place just for the joy of having a long ride.

Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah National Forest, Virginia

  • Of course Cooking, Eating, Sleeping, Spirituality, Watching Television, Fine arts, Coding, Cycling, Engineering, Electronics, Machines etc are the other activities that gets in to this list.


So, Kindly do whatever that can be possibly done by you. Every moment you live make sure you induce some positive vibes with your friends and neighbors. I would be writing about these leisure activities that can bring a ground breaking change, happiness and a feel good factor (As one of my best friend keep telling), self-confidence, great persona etc. etc.


Stay fit, calm and healthy. Healthy mind and Healthy body is the greatest wealth. The synchronization of them is definitely mandatory for multiplying the same.

Source: Images have been taken from Wikipedia and google. I would like to give full credits for the awesome photographs for the person who captured those moments.

Smiling not only make you look pretty/handsome, It also induces a positive vibes of whoever comes on your way.

Keep smiling and Have fun 🙂