Before starting my first post, I would like to introduce myself as a person who is a “Beginner in writing”. So, my posts are always up for open comments and criticisms. In this way the standard of the contents can be improvised comprehensively in the future endeavors. This blog is centered around travel attractions and food spots. There are many other blogs that gives information on this regard. But, I am writing this based on my real life experience. Secondly, I am doing this as my hobby and not as my profession. You can always ping me or drop me an email for any queries regarding the same.


  1. About me
  2. About this blog
  3. Travel spots
  4. Food spots in Chennai
  5. Acknowledgement

1. About me:

I am an inquisitive, optimistic, proactive, self-driven and self-motivated guy from Chennai. I believe in self-introspection that helps to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I feel this to be the driving force for converting our weaknesses in to strengths. I am interested in exploring numerous places to know about it’s historical, cultural and traditional values. I love Italian, Tibetan  and Mexican food spots because tasting different varieties of food from different cuisines will be a healthy stress relieving and mind refreshing activity.

I prefer to discuss a lot of things with the people around me because I believe in the words of George Bernard Shah that “If you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas but it will also pave way to the thousands of innovative ideas that can give birth to numerous inventions”. Playing cricket, badminton, chess, carom, swimming, coding, blogging, reading, writing, music, travelling and cycling are some of my hobbies. In a nutshell, I am a bibliophile, Pluviophile (Lover of rain), Thalassophile (Attraction for oceans, seas and waterbodies), Selenophile (Admires the beauty of full moon), Chionophile (Affinity towards snow and cold climates), Audiophile (liking for music),  Aesthete (craziness for nature’s beauty), travelling, trekking, touring and wandering around the places to enjoy the elegance and beauty of the place, and experience its traditional values through an adventurous journey.


I have explored many cities and states in the past eight years including my hometown. I have lived in places including tamilnadu (Salem, Cuddalore, Karaikal, Chennai, Trichy, Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Vellore and Kanchipuram…Self exaggeration or Self-marketing right 😀 :p) for a duration varying from a minimum of one month to a maximum of four years. Apart from this, I have also lived in Pondicherry, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mangalore. During this period, I have started exploring various tourist destinations, food spots and other critical hot-spots for leading a comprehensive livelihood in every locations. Later on, I have inculcated this habit of taking up a small trip on a quarterly basis. This made me completely independent in decision making on any regards subjected to various situations and circumstances (My perception :p). Apart from this, I have toured various attractive and wonderful places across South and North India. This, has inspired me to put up all the information in the printed form of an information.

I strongly believe that:
“No matter how many times you fall, just hold your head up and keep moving forward. It might be stormy now, but it cannot rain forever”.
“You are not defeated until you accept your defeat” – Adolf Hitler

2. About this blog:

As mentioned above, this blog will mainly focus on travel places and food spots. I will be writing mostly based on my real time experience and sometimes based on the reviews given by my most trust worthy buddies (Of-course with due credits and acknowledgements).

3. Travel spots:

I will be sharing my experiences about various breath-taking and scintillating travel spots in and around India.

4. Food spots in Chennai:

I am a great foodie too. Apart from travelling, I would also like to make some posts on numerous restaurants (South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi, Italian, Mexican, Continental, Russian, Chinese, Tibetan, European and Jain food spots) located in Chennai. This can be viewed as one of the best hangout spots with family, friends, colleagues, buddies and beloved better-halves.

5. Acknowledgement & Source of motivation:

I would also like to extend my gratitude to some of my close and best friends who have got a complete admiration for some of the tourists places in India. In fact, they have taken most brilliant snapshots of the awe-inspiring beauty of the nature. They have also persuaded many to visit those places just to make them fall in love with the eternal beauty of the mother nature. Even though, I have been to most of these places, I would like to list out some of the places and their association with their masters (too much hype :p I know right !!) have been acknowledged below:

  1. Moolam forest (Vishnu Prasad Aka Pondy)
  2. Misapulimala (Abhijit Haridas)
  3. Pangong lake (Arvind Sriram)
  4. Himalayas (Santhana Krishnan Aka Santy)
  5. Darjeeling (Fadhil)
  6. Yelagiri & Yercaud (Hari)
  7. Tada Waterfalls (Leo and Sushil)
  8. Mahabalipuram (Devyani and Sushil)
  9. Munnar (Sreeja, Samarth and Garima)
  10. Jaipur (Anupam)
  11. Alleppey & Wayanad (Mridhula)
  12. Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar & Pondicherry (moi meme :p)
  13. Mangalore & Ernakulam & Bangalore & Coimbatore (Sudharsan). I definitely need to catch up with this guy. Especially to bug him and Sushil to share their Amsterdam and other International touring and travel experience.
  14. For food spots in Chennai (Aditi, Mridhula, Akash, Anu, Babita, Sreeja, Sudharsan, Sushil, Samarth, Garima, Anupam, Sudharsan and Divya)

The tour posts will follow this list although not in the same order. Source: Since this is a generic post, Images have been taken from various sites. I would like to give full credits for those awesome photographs for the person who has brilliantly captured those moments. I would be uploading the images taken by us for the specific posts on each of the travel spots mentioned here.

Stay strong!! Be confident !!Have a nice day! Keep Smiling !

You are awesome, If you keep a smile on your face no matter what 🙂

Keep smiling